Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello lovers of all the little beautiful things!
On this blog I will publish my journey through the world of fashion, including make-up tutorials, and outfit presentations as well as all the lovely little things: beautiful, fragrant and fashionable.

 These are the cosmetics I used to create the look on the picture:
Bloom Illuminizer
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation,
Loreal True Match Powder,
Maybelline False Lash Effect
Dior Rose Lipstick, Max Factor lipliner, and delicate Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lipgloss :)

I bought these lovely earrings in New Look in Brunswick,London and sunglasses are from Forever 21 from Dubai <3

Photography is an important part of my life. My Canon EOS allows me for a much more detailed perception of the world that surrounds me. Photoshop lets me sature the colours and make the memories more polished and intense, so that when I watch the pictures them long time after, I recall every thought and emotion of that moment. Fashion is a part of my identity.
Although I do not want to, I am very sentimental to the Lacoste shoes that travelled the world with me. I bond with them so they become the part of me.
Also, each day, each cloth makes you a different person. You are never the same twice just like you never have two identical days.
Life is full of positive surprises and I decide to take a sheer delight in the small and big luxurious pleasures in life.

I love: my new rose Chanel lipstick which gives new dimension to my lips, my jaguar key lock holder that lets me imagine one day I will hold my Jaguar XF keys attached to, my classy fragrance of Chanel Allure bought at Chanel boutique at Old Bond Street in London, on that Day when the guy at Prada's store told me that I have a nice bag and showed me the model of the purse belonging to Queen Rania.
I adore the smell of Allure which attracts men with much greater power than before. Allure makes me feel such confidence just as the man who is my inspiration has and therefore our personal charm beams and bubbles touching others' auras and makes our souls glow with joy.

This chapter of my life is called London, beginning III.
This is a part where I fin a new dimension of London's fashion and taste, and I am trying to establish my preferences.

There are few places in London where I could just be and admire design. They include Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair, G Casino in Soho, The Intercontinental Hotel, UAE Embassy in Princess Gate, Louis Vuitton Boutique, Palm garden in EC1, Sketch, LTD Bathrooms shop where they have this golden bin covered with Swarovski crystals, just like the one Shaikh Mohammed has in his office, St Pauls Grange Hotel's swimming pool and spa.The piano bar at the Dorchester hotel and the drinks they serve in the bar downstairs.
OGO hibiscus water in the little round bottles from Harrods and white Belgian chocolate from their food halls.The bar on the last floor of Hilton Park Lane and the view of London through the windows.

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