Monday, 6 June 2011

Marina May, 2010

When I was first time in Dubai, I was enchanted by every scene, in every second - and the pictures are the proof! 
Therefore while strolling around Marina, I somehow managed to meet a photographer as a passer-by, 
who is an author of the following shoot. Sorry for no-cultural-sensitivity in terms of my skirt length,
I was a pretty purely European tourist on that occassion, who simply fell in love in the flowers found on Marina Walk...  xxx 

P.S. Only after few years here I feel more Arab than European now...and would never ever wear such skirt length again anywhere in Dubai... Now more and more often I feel like I seriously need an abaya to go out... 

Whole outfit was pretty much Forever 21, as this is when the London store was not yet there, so that was the only opportunity for me to shop in this American chain before a trip to Europe... 
Scarf- Old Spitalfields Market, London, UK

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