Friday, 3 November 2017

Horse Races Fashion

My horserace fashion has been diverse over the years...


In the year of 2013 I choose vivid colors and based on merging orange with blue, adding a golden
small clutch for the evening and rocking the red bigger one in the daytime. I paired the outfit with blue high heels with golden inserts.


For the year 2014 I decided to go for white with black decor such as gloves and my own hat design.
Although I might not have had a proper length of the dress, I think the overall impression was to expose the legs with the pearl-decorated white high heels. I added the uae emblem in gold and wore my own design or golden ring. 


2015 was about back to blue yet way more classy this time. I had the black leather high heels from Aldo with gold heels and focused on matching the fascinator with my bolero type jacket. These round sunglasses tho, were the 'it' of the outfit I collected many compliments for. I wore Dubai style blue clutch with Burj Khalifa image on it. 


2017 is all about nude and covering up. I matured and would not show my legs anymore the way I used to. I got my awesome high heels, nude dress and silvery clutch in London especially for this occassion. Ribbon-shaped fascinator was a recent choice in Dubai. 

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